Cybernaut Renegades - A Cyberpunk Book Broadcast Hosted by Mark Everglade

Episode 7 - The Future of Artificial Intelligence - Interview with Software Engineer John Ford

In this extended episode we discuss artificial intelligence with software engineer, natural scientist, and science fiction author John Ford. We cover what is intelligence and work on improving the Turing Test to address intentionality / agency.

Episode 6 - Cyberpunk’s Take on Hacking

This episode examines key themes in cyberpunk's descriptions of hacking with examples from popular books on how authors are handling this topic.

Episode 5 - Cyberpunk’s Future through the Eyes of its Creator

I had the honor of discussing the history and future of Cyberpunk with the sub-genre's creator, Bruce Bethke, the man who coined the word "cyberpunk" in 1980. Although many others such as PKD, Ballard, and Jeter were deeply influential on the genre, it was in 1980 that it really became solidified. This video relays the discussion I had and his message with music accompaniment.

Four Cyberpunk Books You May Have Missed

In this episode, cyberpunk author Mark Everglade takes us through four books in the sub-genre that need to be in everyone's collection with music accompaniment.

Three Cyberpunk Books to Hold you Over until Cyberpunk 2077

These three new cyberpunk books will immerse you into the genre and tide you over until Cyberpunk 2077 releases. Listen to a discussion of the books with excerpts and music accompaniment.

Best Cyberpunk Book Passages

Join cyberpunk author Mark Everglade as he reads some of the best cyberpunk book passages ever, from established classics like Neuromancer, to scenes from recently-released books that are bringing the genre out from the underground and into the spotlight once more.

What is Cyberpunk?

What is cyberpunk? Why does defining it destroy it? Who was the first cyberpunk, and what does all this have to do with Sherwood Forest? Author Mark Everglade takes us on a brief philosophical exposition.

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